Don't Tear off Your Roof, Restore It
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We've been saving roofs for over 39 years. Don't tear off your roof, get Energy Shield!


More Than One Application

Spray Foam has more than one application - from insulation to save on energy costs, to roof coatings that stop leaks.


Stop dumping buckets

Start stuffing your pockets. Our roofing systems can stop the leaks, water and air, and reduce your energy costs year after year.


Don’t tear off your roof, restore it with Energy Shield

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Commercial Roofing

If you have a metal roof, flat roof, or BUR roof, we can help you. We can help you save money, and reduce energy consumption. Our spray foam roofing systems are energy efficient, easy to apply, and cost less than traditional roofing repair or restoration. You can find us in Pontiac, we’ve been here since 1978.

Commercial Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly insulation available. It is a seamless, weather resistant and economical solution for any environment. It’s not limited to roofs, or walls – we can also apply it to refrigeration trucks, silos, and more.

Energy Savings

Spray foam roofing provides better insulation than traditional roofing or insulation. With harsh weather, you need our spray-in-place systems. It will eliminate thermal drift, it has zero seams, it will eliminate condensation, ice-dams, rust, and it will eliminate energy waste – effectively reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Seamless Foam Roofing System

Since 1978, Energy Shield’s roofing installations have withstood the test of time. Installing one will save you money.

40 Years of Roofing Excellence


At Energy Shield, Inc. we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality commercial roofing and insulation systems. Since 1978 Energy Shield has been an industry leader and innovator in the application of spray foam roofing, fluid applied roof coatings and spray-on insulation systems.

Save 25 to 65% on energy costs

Energy Shield roofing & insulation systems stop more than water leaks. They also prevent energy leaks. The seamless layer of foam provides elimination of ponding water, thermal drifts, ice-dams, and the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays.

Are You Ready to Save Money?

Energy Shield provides its customers with quality performance, dependable craftsmanship and timely service. Our employees are committed to doing the job right – the first time. Quality through commitment – it’s our pledge to you.


  • Stops Leaks – A Seamless, self-flashing system.

  • Saves Energy – Lowers utility bills up to 50%.

  • 15-20 Year Warranty – Comprehensive manufacturer protection.

What Our Customers Say

Not only have the roofs performed well, but when we chose to do some remodeling about a year later to two of our buildings, it became necessary to install two new vent stacks through the roof of one building and o install/remove roof curbs on another building as a result of changing HVAC units. This required timely service from Energy Shield and they performed the work during the Christmas shutdown despite having to remove snow from the roof.

Stan KubikMotorola Inc, Cellular Infrastructure Group, Arlington Heights, IL

We are especially pleased with the trouble-free performance of the new SPF roof system and the dependable follow-up service provided by Energy Shield. A great benefit of the sprayfoam system is that we noticed was the reduction in our energy consumption. At our Ford Sheldon Road Plant, we realized a decrease in our energy bills from $876,000 annually - to about $412,000.

Max M. ForesterPlant Engineer, Technical Service, Ford Motor Company

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