Air Tight Insulation

Energy Shield's Spray Foam Insulation will reduce moisture, eliminate air leaks, and keep the heat in.

Energy Shield Insulation

Our air tight insulation will help you eliminate your air barrier problems, with our Spray foam insulation we will give you the longest lasting air barrier you could hope for. Our Spray Foam Insulation provides maximum protection with a continuous air barrier, preventing moisture infiltration through air leakage, minimizing dew point problems and condensation within the building envelope. Spray foam insulation provides better climate control within the building envelope. Better climate control makes the internal building environment more comfortable, and reduces thermal drift. Ultimately, it will save you money, because you get to keep your conditioned air (hot or cold) inside, where it belongs.

No Moisture

Our Spray Foam Insulation provides maximum protection with an air tight air barrier. This prevents moisture infiltration through air leakage, and minimizes moisture and condensation within the building envelope. No moisture means a long healthy life of your building envelope, and it will keep the heat in. Don’t pay to heat the outdoors.

Air Tight Insulation

Air tight insulation means that air won’t travel through the building envelope. This will stop the loss of conditioned air (hot or cold) through seams and cracks in the building. This means that the outside will remain outside, and the inside air will remain inside. Our spray foam insulation is continuous over the entire building, and it has no seams (because of the method of application), which means a better stronger air barrier in your building envelope. Good insulation doesn’t cost, it pays.

Extremely Durable

Our Spray Foam Insulation is one of the longest lasting products you can find. We spray on the insulation, seamlessly, it’s fully adhered, and has no fasteners. This means that the likelihood of the air barrier breaking down is very small, because there is nowhere for outside elements to impact the spray foam in the envelope. Give us a call (248) 332-2910, and we’ll keep the moisture out, and the conditioned air in.

Keep the heat in

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