Commercial Flat Roof Contractor

Our roofing systems will not only save you money for the application, but it'll also save energy, and reduce your annual costs.

Commercial Flat Roof Contractor

Some of the common problems associated with flat roofs (whether BUR, asphalt, tar, rubber, or EPDM) are leaks and moisture, ponding water, punctures, blistering, and shrinkage. All of those problems can damage your roof, and roofing system, making it uncomfortable inside the building. They also lead to costly repairs or replacement before your roofs time is up, With SPF, all of that can be prevented and we can extend the life of your roof.

Whether it’s a new flat roof or a non-existing flat roof, we can ensure that these common flat roof problems aren’t so common for you. Spray Polyurethane Foam is lightweight, seamless, self-adhering, extremely durable, leak-free and reflective. All of these properties help to prevent damage and wear to your flat roof. It also creates an effective thermal barrier over your roof, keeping hot and cool air inside, reducing your energy costs year after year.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam on Flat Roofs
Stops Leaks & Moisture

As the ice melts, and the temperatures change, the rubber will expand and contract causing cracking, and shrinking. This cracking and shrinking leads to wider, and, unexpected seams, and it can loosen around the fasteners, leading to leaks. Sometimes these leaks can even get under the rubber, and causes blistering, which is trapping the water in the roof structure; eventually that water will end up on your floor or damage your roof structure. Since SPF is seamless, and lightweight, there are no seams or cracks, which means, no ponding water, no ice build-up, and no leaks.

Stops Thermal Drift

Because SPF is also a high-grade insulator, it will stop thermal drift. Thermal drift is your conditioned air leaving the building through cracks, seams or fastener holes. During the winter thermal drift will melt the snow over the fasteners, when that snow-water rolls to another part of the roof, where there is no thermal drift, it will freeze again, creating ice-dams. Ice-dams will stop the water from running off the roof, creating a build-up of ice, stopping effective snow-melt and freezing over drains and gutters. SPF can prevent all of that, because it’s seamless, it fills all gaps, seams and fasteners, which effectively stops thermal drift. It also makes it more comfortable in the building.

Significantly Reduces Energy Costs

SPF is a high-grade insulator, and creates a thermal barrier over your roof. This thermal barrier keeps hot and cold air inside the building, which prevents moisture build-up from hot air meeting cold air, and creating condensation. In addition, since your hot or cold air is inside the building, your heater or air-conditioning unit is not working as hard to keep the temperature in the building stable, which can lead to a drastic reduction in your energy costs.

Put A Stop Those Leaks

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