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Metal Roof Restoration & Coatings

Some common problems associated with metal roofs are leaks, ponding water, and corrosion. All lead to costly repairs or the need for a new roof before your roof’s time is up. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) can help prevent those, and extend the life of your metal roof, new or existing. We’re metal roof restoration experts!


With its seamless application, it fills all gaps, and covers all fasteners, which prevents leaks. Its lightweight properties mean less weight on a roof’s structure, reducing wear and tear. Since it’s an extremely durable spray-coating, it stops corrosion. Some other benefits: It creates a thermal barrier over the roof, and it’s highly reflective, which stops thermal drift. Thermal drift is your heat or air-conditioning leaving the building through cracks, seams, or holes. We stop your thermal drift, which reduces how hard your heater or air-conditioner has to work to keep things comfortable. This means, with less energy leaving the building, you see reduced costs year after year.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane on Metal Roofs
Stops Corrosion

As with all metal, it will rust over time, as your metal roof protects you from the harsh weather; your roof meets rain, snow, wind, ice, and heat. Since SPF is lightweight, extremely durable, self-adhering, smooth, and reflective seamless coating it covers your metal roof, and stops moisture build-up and it corrosion. SPF will reduce the impact that the harsh weather has, preventing damage, and corrosion to your metal roof.

It’s Watertight

It’s seamless, fills all gaps, and seams, and covers all fasteners. This makes it water tight, which will stop leaks from holes, gaps or seams. It will also stop ponding water, moisture build-up, and ice-dams. This makes sure the water or snowmelt leaves the roof as intended, and doesn’t end up on your floor.

Improves energy costs

SPF will drastically reduce your energy costs, because it creates a thermal barrier over the roof, and it’s seamless, it keeps all heat or air-conditioning inside, without creating condensation in the roof itself. Not only does the elimination of condensation save the roof structure, but since you have less heat or air-conditioning leaving the building through your roof, it keeps it far more comfortable inside, and means less ice melt, and improved energy efficiency. Save your money, keep the water outside, give us a call.

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