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Spray Foam Polyurethane Roof Coating is perfect for repairing rusty, leaky flat, and metal roofs.

Roof Repair & Restoration

After time, whether it’s a flat roof, or a sloped metal roof, it will wear down. Energy Shield can stop you from tearing off your roof and roofing structure, with our roof restoration services. With Spray Polyurethane Foam, we can restore and coat your existing roof, which can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. In addition to the no-tear-off savings, we can save you thousands of dollars year after year on energy costs. We provide top-quality roof restoration, backed by a 20-year warranty, over 35 years of business and millions of dollars in savings provided to our customers.

The Benefits of Energy Shield Roof Restoration
Prevents and Eliminates Corrosion

Our Spray Polyurethane Foam is extremely durable, and self-adhering. We coat your existing roof with SPF, and this will prevent any further corrosion to your roof. Since it’s a seamless high-grade insulator it stops thermal drift (which can lead to ice-dams and moisture build-up), this means no more unexpected gaps, or seams, and no more condensation or moisture build-up rotting your roof structure away.

Stops Leaks

SPF is a seamless application of a highly durable and lightweight insulator. Since it will fill all existing gaps, seams, and fastener holes, it will prevent new ones from cropping up. That means while we fill the old ones and stop new ones, the leaks stop too. So if your roof is leaking right now, give us a call and we’ll come out and take a look for free.

SPF Can save you money

It’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to replace your current roof, it can cost your business in shutdown time, which means lost profits. We can apply our SPF and restore your roof without those shutdowns or interruptions to your business operations. In addition, since SPF is an insulator as well, it will stop thermal drift, which means hot or cold air stays inside the building, reducing the amount of energy expended to keep the building comfortable. Our SPF comes with a 20-year warranty, as well. So not only can we save you money on operating costs, and installation, we can save you thousands year after year in reduced energy costs.You’ll wonder how you’ve lived without, give us a call now.

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